•     Hello! I am Liu Ziyi, a D1 student in the lab. I'm honored to write this blog to share my experience on the Piezoelectric Materials & Devices Symposium 2020, which was held from 29th to 30th Jan. 2020.    This is a special experience for me because not only am I presenting in the conference but also working as a volunteer. This year, Tanaka-Sensei was the committee... 続きを読む
  • あけましておめでとうございます、B4の勝又です。先日行われた新年会について報告させていただきます。Happy New Year ! I’m Katsumata, B4 student. I’ll report about New Year Party.今回は雰囲気の良いイタリアンレストランを予約しました。料理も飲み物もとてもおいしかったです。This time, I Booked a good atmosphere Italian restaurant. Foods and drinks are so delicious. Everyone spent good time.いろいろな先生方... 続きを読む
  • 先日、西澤センターにてカレーパーティーが開催されました。今回は理化学研究所様のご厚意により無料でカレーを頂くことができたので先生方と一緒に参加させていただきました。(雨だったので行くのをやめようとしていたのですが、鈴木先生に連れて行ってくださいました笑)カレーはごろごろチキンカレー、シーフードカレーとハラールカレーの3種類のカレーがあり、特にシーフードカレーが好評でした。とても美味しくいただきまし... 続きを読む
  • Hello! This is Wang Shihe, I’m glad to share my experience in Hamamatsu with you. It’s my first time to have a business trip in Japan, I hope that you could enjoy this trip from my view. This conference was held from Nov. 19th. But there were 2 interesting technical trips on 18th. Unfortunately, I had a class on that day’s morning, and could not join those trips. Finally, I left from Sendai to Ham... 続きを読む
  • Hi! I’m Andrea, D1 student from Chile.Since March I have been living in Hsinchu, Taiwan to join Professor Fang’s Micro Device Laboratory at National Tsing Hua University for international research collaboration. I have just returned to Japan and I would like to share my experience through this blog post (fair warning: this is long).I came here as part of the GP-mech program, newly available at our... 続きを読む
  • Hello! This is Sumeyya Javaid, M1 student. I with Chen-san, Liu-san, Wu-san and Chua-san (B3 student)got an opportunity to do internship at Skyworks Solutions for one week. Students from other universities were also there with us. I would like to share my experience about this internship to you. Skyworks is a global wireless filter solution company and is located in Osaka. I left Sendai a day be... 続きを読む
  • By Hamza Abdelli (D1)I was excited that I got accepted to attend the Transducers 2019 conference in Berlin, Germany. For me, this was the first time to participate in an international conference, especially this one, which some claim is the biggest conference in the field of sensors and takes place only once in two years. It was also my first time after three years to travel outside of Japan as we... 続きを読む
  • This is Chenzhong Shao, a researcher in Tanaka(S) Lab.On July 16, I went to Asahikawa, Hokkaido to attend the conference of JCK MEMS/NEMS 2019.It is a long way from New Chitose Airport Station to Asahikawa Station by railway, which took me at least two and a half hours. I arrived at Asahikawa Station at around 5 pm. After meeting Muroyama-sensei and Moriyama-san, we went to dinner together. From t... 続きを読む
  • How beautiful!I was stunned by the view spreading out before my eyes. The weather is glorious and a lot of fully bloomed cherry blossoms greeted me. I could’t believe that it was so cold until just last week. Oh! I’m sorry, I’ve just realized I haven’t mentioned the purpose of this writing yet. On last Saturday, Hanami party was held at Omachi-nishi park and many laboratory members enjoyed a cherr... 続きを読む
  • Congratulations!!On April 14th, 2nd-grade students (Naoki Yoshizawa, Daiki Nakao, Mahoro Sakurai and Shimon Tajima) won the 1st prize at the preliminary contest of "International Contest of InnovAtion (iCAN'19)". In this contest, students made a system that uses micro devices, and copmete for the novelty, usefulness, perfection and originality.In this year, 17 teams from Miyagi, Fukushima, Tokyo, ... 続きを読む

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